We are delighted to have been awarded the next stage of our PhotonFix™ project from SGN.

Historically, anaerobic sealants for the gas industry have remained largely unchanged since the 1970s. Initially, each joint was excavated and then drilled to accept the sealant which was injected blindly into the body of the joint with the expectation of creating a seal. In recent years, robotic systems have been used to provide a similar deployment mechanism, drilling into the joint from inside the pipe, eliminating a high amount of excavation.

PhotonFix™ allows SGN to extend the range of pipelines that can be remediated through a ‘no dig, no-drill’ technology thereby reducing customer disruption and operational burden.

PhotonFix™ combines anaerobic and UV curing sealant know-how with a bespoke delivery module to create a flexible, triple barrier seal. It is exceptionally intuitive for operators to use because the process provides continual visual and pressure feedback during injection and the injection tools have been specifically developed to provide highly responsive control. The triple barrier seal provides a positive liquid filled blockage to the passage of gas resulting in a low permeability seal suitable for use with small gas molecules such as hydrogen. This makes PhotonFix™ a suitable sealant for use in the network of the future as de-carbonisation of the gas network is rolled out.

This stage ( PhotonFix™ 4A – preparation for field trials) will aim to attain ‘field ready’ status by first securing accreditation of the sealing system, comprising sealant and representative module for use in the gas network (Stage 4A), and then adapting and interfacing the developed module with a selected transport/delivery system and field trialling in the live gas network (Stage 4B).