HVGE Toolbox


We are delighted to announce the start of the next phase of our work, funded by SGN, on High Volume Gas

High volume gas escapes, although uncommon, can pose a risk to individuals and the surrounding infrastructure. Without quick repair, this can lead to loss of supply for affected customers. Established practice has included a range of temporary repair techniques, as to provide a permanent repair presently requires direct access to the leak site, which can only be done following the halting of the gas flow. This project aims to provide a solution which can quickly and effectively repair the pipe at the leak source.

In Stage 1, SGN commissioned Steer Energy to identify and develop a “toolbox” of new technologies for internally and externally responding to High Volume Gas Escapes from pipelines operating up to 7 bar (excluding those within buildings).

In Stage 2, Steer Energy will now take the selected concepts and develop them further, carrying out the critical engineering design and development to create the first-generation tooling. This stage will deliver ‘detailed prototypes’ of the tools with associated methodologies, confirming the individual technologies most suited to different HVGE situations. This work will also include confirming the qualification route to field use.